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Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that allows us to really target the right people.

Sign up through your LinkedIn account. (You get a 30 day free trial)

No. We use another similar domain eg: GETYOURCOMPANY.COM or IYOURCOMPANY.COM to send emails from. That way your domain isn’t used but the transition when we pass over leads is seamless. We purchase and register this domain on your behalf, and you own it should you ever decide to leave us.

We prefer to take the time to find the right decision maker and their company email address. The conversion rate is higher and you know it’s going to the right person. Very occasionally we might send to info@ on a follow-up or in addition to a named email if we think the email isn’t reaching the right person. But this is unusual.

Yes. We have ensured this service is 100% GDPR compliant. Our lawful basis for processing the prospects data is “legitimate interests” due to the fact that we only contact very specific prospects who could actually benefit from your product or service.

We get the email addresses through manual research. We find the company, the decision maker in the correct position and then try to locate the email address.

Often the emails of these people aren’t publically available so we have to do some detective work combined with some technology to get the right email! Once we think we have the right one, we run the address through our email checker which provides us with validation that the address is correct.

3 months. As not all leads will close in month one, we take a long-term view on nurturing them to fruition. It may be that they are locked into a contract for another few months, no problem, we’ll continue to stay in touch until they either become an SQL or drop off.

That depends. Results will vary on a variety of factors. The sector, value of a client, sales cycle, usual buying process, pricing and much more.

Typically the perfect campaign is targetting a specific sector with a very tempting proposition backed up by prior experience, case studies or credibility.

No. We want you to get the very best result possible if we don’t think your business is suitable for Outreachify, we’ll tell you straight.

No. This service is only for B2B.

Yes. This is designed specifically for B2B!

That varies. Typically we find companies with a high lifetime client value and a very specific target market do exceptionally well.

Yes. This works great for startups. You’re often disrupting an existing industry or solving a problem and you need everyone to know! Outreachify is perfect for getting your message in front of exactly the right person.

Yes. Saas is well suited for outreach, especially if you’re software is super interesting and you’re offering something special for a company to try it out.

As long as your budget will allow. Seriously! Having a permanent outreach campaign running is a perfect way to keep filling your pipeline with enquiries. The longer you can run outreach the better results you will see.

Quickly. Once you’re happy to proceed and the first monthly payment is made we’ll send you a link to a page that will ask you plenty of questions about your business and who you want to target. (Not sure who to target? We can help nail it down for you) Once we get that back, we’ll have the first email sent out within 10 days.

You’ll be given a form to fill in which aims to collect as much detail as possible about your business, service and target.

We may need to have a 30-40 min call just to really get to know your business and nail down the right approach.

Whichever way you prefer. We can push them directly into most CRM’s, send them via email, slack, trello, SMS, push them to a G-Sheet and more. You’ll get all the lead information as well as a copy of the communication we’ve had with the lead so you can see exactly what’s been said.

Yes. We offer an accelerated plan for a higher email volume and email send rate. Speak to us for more details.

No. We have developed a strategy that ensures emails do not go into spam. We send emails directly from Google’s servers. Emails are hyper-personalized to a named recipient. We also throttle the emails back so they are drip fed through the day, week and month. We can never guarantee an email won’t hit spam, but we do everything right to make sure it’s super rare.

Yes. If you’re spamming people with irrelevant generic emails then sure thing, who doesn’t hate those emails!

But if you’re receiving an email, addressed to you, talking about your company specifically, obviously written just for you and showing you something super relevant to your business then no. You’ll read it and appreciate the effort.

(We’ve actually had prospects email back and say they were super impressed with the outreach!)

We think so yes. Do you like receiving cold calls??!

Yes. This is a perfect compliment to inbound lead generation via some form of paid ads/content marketing strategy. In fact, we can liaise with your marketing department, person or agency to ensure congruency with any existing campaigns.
If a prospect receives an email and then later sees an ad for your company, it all helps fish out the right buyers and build brand awareness.

No problem. You can be as tight or as loose as you need with qualification criteria. Generally speaking the more rules for qualification the fewer leads. So a balance is needed between trimming off obvious bad fits for your business and keeping leads that could potentially still do a deal.

Yes. If your target is smaller we’ll adjust the campaign to suit.

Yes and no. We can’t send out emails to your specific list. But what we can do is use that as a starting point to find a deliverable email for the right person.

Yes. Give us the companies you really want to work with and we’ll make sure the right person gets the email.

Probably. If you sell a product or service to other businesses, no matter how niche, we can probably help. The best thing you can do is get in touch with our team and we will let you know either way.

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